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The Property Mentors Masterclass is unlike any other property event you have attended.
This is Master Class run by investors, for investors!
Over two days, our elite team of Property Mentors will open up and share detailed strategic information on their personal portfolios. Learn how they structure their assets and what criteria banks use to assess their ability to borrow so they maximise lending and expand their portfolios. Discover the due diligence criteria they have spent years putting together to evaluate projects — and more importantly, what areas they are personally investing into in the current market and why.
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Many successful individuals use mentors and coaches to speed their journey to wealth and success. Examples include Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Kevin Green, Simon Zutshi and even the world’s no.1 coach Tony Robbins. The key ingredients for success are Knowledge, Action and Persistence and a mentor/coach contributes to all three.

Property Investment is a business and should be planned like any other business venture. A good mentor will guide you, answering your questions and helping you to avoid many costly pitfalls. They will provide support, hold you to account and keep you focused on the goal. Whether you are just starting out in property, scaling your business or restructuring your entire portfolio, a mentor will help you save time and money by making sure your route to success is efficient.

The property market is strong and now is a great time to be taking action. Sharman Property Consultants has helped many Investors compress time as they achieve success in property specialising in strategies that work in the Midlands. These include HMOs, Refurbishment Flips, Sourcing and Packaging Deals and Fund Raising.

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Tony runs a top rate Carpentry business in the Corby area. Tony and his company are able to construct a complete house refurbishment.

Tony Masson
Carpenter, TMM Carpentry

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